How to choose camping tarp

How to choose a camping tarp?

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When camping, tarp is an essential equipment. Generally speaking, there are two methods of selection, one is based on the use of the tarp to choose, and the second is based on the use of the environment. Because the tarp in different use scenarios, may need different functions.

In daily life, tarp is mainly used in outdoor sports, field work and construction projects. In some special fields, like medicine, transportation, agriculture and animal husbandry, tarp s with insulation function are needed. In the chemical, aerospace and nuclear industries, tarp with strong radiation barrier properties are widely used. Here, we focus on the tarp used in camping.

Most of the time, we will choose the warm weather season to go camping. Therefore, for most people, tarp s are only for waterproof and rainproof. Then, in choosing one, we must focus on its waterproofness and abrasion resistance and durability.

Tarp as a direct contact with the rain carrier, easy to weather and corroded. If you choose a tarp that does not meet all conditions, not only is it easy to damage and fade, but it may also cause skin problems because of the material and breathability. Free Soldier Multifunctional Waterproof Portable Tarp is made of 210T ripstop polyester fabric with a waterproof rating of 2500 PU. It can effectively block UV rays and act as a sunshade. Its waterproof and wear-resistant can fully meet the needs of people's daily camping.

For camping newcomers, the tarp is more friendly. Installation is relatively simple, only need to find stakes or trees as carriers. Breathable, the tarp does not close the space in all directions, but is like a room without walls, and does not feel stuffy when the weather is hot. Light weight, some data show that the weight of the lightest tent is also five times the weight of the tarp, walking on the back will not be overburdened. Inexpensive, compared to the tent, the tarp cost performance definitely has an undeniable advantage.

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