How to choose the right pair of men's pants

How to choose the right pair of pants?

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As the main category of FREE SOLDIER, men's pants have always been a favourite with our customers. Although they are only outdoor pants, they can be subdivided into quick-drying pants, waterproof pants, softshell pants, tactical pants, overalls and ski pants. Even the same functional pants can be worn differently, as they differ slightly in terms of material and style. It is only by taking these aspects into account that we can choose the right trousers for our online shopping.

1. Material

FREE SODLIER trousers are available in DuPont Teflon Fabric, Nylon, spandex, Cotton, Polyester and Terylene.

When selecting trousers, it is important to judge whether they are waterproof, hard-wearing, stain-resistant and breathable based on the material. Although most product detail pages describe the product and its features, they may not be exhaustive for marketing purposes. Therefore, knowing what material is used frequently can sometimes play a key role in selecting clothing.

2. Pant's Version

This is often the point we are most concerned about. Even if the material is the same, a badly versioned pair of pants will give a completely different look. Often a terrible version will reveal all the flaws of the body, while a good version will give the appearance of a model wearing it. This is why most people choose to forgo the cheaper version of the same style in favour of the original, which has a better fit.

3. Functionality

As different trousers are made with different techniques, accessories and materials, they have completely different functions. DuPont Teflon fabric, for example, is resistant to dirt and stains and liquids. Nylon, on the other hand, is outstanding for its abrasion resistance and moisture wicking properties, making it ideal for workwear. The elasticity and resistance to corrosion of polyester fibres have attracted numerous manufacturers, especially today when the use of chemicals is becoming increasingly common.

4. Pant's Length

Trouser length is also one of the most important points that should be looked at when choosing pants. Because not everyone has a model-like figure, everyone has a different leg length. When choosing trousers, it is important to know what length of trousers is right for you. Often trousers that are too long will build up around the ankles, while trousers that are too short will not achieve the desired wearing effect.

5. Hip circumference

Hip circumference is often a point that many people may overlook, as we can't see the back of the garment without turning around when looking in the mirror. If you ignore this point, the back is likely to be too tight or too much clothing piled up. Choose the right hip circumference in order to achieve the ideal wearing effect, thus reducing the time cost of online shopping returns.

6. Detail Design

Often the details are the most important aspects of the clothes are also the most important points of concern to customers. For example, the semi-elastic waistband gives the waist a certain amount of space to move around. The loose design at the hip makes large movements easier. The thicker knees give more protection to the knees. The neatly sewn seams give a more comfortable visual appearance.

7. Application Scenarios

Different functional pants are suitable for different scenarios. This is because the activities we carry out differ from one occasion to another. For example, loose fitting, waterproof trousers may be more suitable for travelling. When working, pants that are hard-wearing and resistant to dirt may be the best choice. When skiing and skating, professional ski trousers are a must. For business, formal trousers are the way to go. Loose, sweat-absorbing pants are more comfortable when exercising.

8. Styling Matching

As an important part of your daily outfit, pants can directly influence the style of your outfit. Therefore, it is necessary to be clear before buying whether you want to try out a new style or maintain an old one. Remember to mix and match with care. Sometimes mixing and matching different styles can have an unexpected effect, but it can also be very abrupt.

9. Expect Result

Most of the time, we choose different styles of pants for different visual effects. Sometimes it may be because we want to look like we have longer legs when we wear them. Or maybe we want to look thinner. Part of the time it may be because we want to look sexier, or it may be to match the top or shoes we just bought. Whatever the reason, it's important to know what effect you want first.

From these aspects, I am sure you will be able to choose the right trousers for you when shopping online.

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