What is Cordura Fabric?

What is Cordura Fabric?

As one of the main fabrics of the tactical brand, Cordura occupies half of the tactical market with its excellent durability, tear resistance and abrasion resistance. Have you ever know about the developing history of it?
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If you look closely at the official website of FREE SOLDIER, you will find a special collection of “Cordura”, a term that most people may find unfamiliar and do not associate with clothing fabrics. But for those who like outdoor clothing and tactical clothing, Cordura has long been known to them.

1, History

Cordura is a garment fabric successfully developed by DuPont in 1929. Initially it was developed as a rayon by researchers, and it was continuously improved and upgraded in the subsequent development.

In 1966, after the nylon fabric was introduced to the market, researchers tried to mix nylon and Cordura and successfully developed an upgraded Cordura fabric. That has excellent durability, tear resistance and abrasion resistance. It was this property that met the market demand and led to the development of more and more commercial value. Today Cordura is used for its abrasion resistance in luggage, backpacks, boots, military performance apparel, motorcycle apparel, and any product where abrasion resistance is a requirement. Not only that, it is also widely used in military because of its abrasion resistance and tear resistance to meet military needs.

2, Material Characteristics

Unlike traditional garment fabrics, high-strength fiber technology makes Cordura lighter in weight and more durable. Typically, it weighs about 11 ounces per yard. And, lighter weight does not make the fabric less breathable, rather Cordura is the best breathable fabric. In addition, its comfort and softness are also very outstanding, popular with the public.

As mentioned above, Cordura's durability is another advantage that is sought after by the public. In terms of durability alone, it's 10 times more durable than a face fabric, 3 times more durable than standard polyester, and 2 times more durable than standard nylon. It is these advantages that make it still occupy an important position today when all kinds of new fabrics are emerging.

3, Applications

Generally speaking Cordura is used to make military backpacks, tactical shoes, pants and tops. But Cordura fabric alone is not waterproof, which is an important requirement for military applications. Therefore, researchers have tried to spray various DWRs such as Teflon on its surface for waterproofing. This added more opportunities for Cordura to be widely used.

Nowadays Cordura has become one of the main fabrics for major tactical brands , because it meets the needs of tactical brands in terms of material performance.

4, Cordura & FREE SOLDIER

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